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  • We help people in Manufacturing and Construction

    Precision Machined Parts

    Capitol Tool acts as an extension of your workforce providing precision machining and fabrication services. We reduce your risk and boost your confidence by guaranteeing quality.

  • Connect with Precision

    Ensuring Reliability

    Precision machined connectors play a crucial role in ensuring the reliability of electronic systems. They establish stable connections, minimize signal loss, and mitigate electromagnetic interference (EMI). By addressing common challenges and incorporating durability and adherence to industry standards, precision connectors contribute to the seamless operation of electronic devices, making them an essential component for engineers and designers.

  • Connect with Precision

    Overcoming Challenges in the Electronics Sector

    Connectors meet the demands of high-speed data transfer, enable miniaturization and compact designs, and withstand harsh environmental conditions. The versatility and customization options available with precision connectors make them a tailored solution for diverse applications and industries within electronics manufacturing.

  • Connect with Precision

    Choosing the Right Connector

    Choosing the right precision machined connector for electronic applications is crucial. By understanding factors and seeking expert advice when needed, manufacturers can select connectors that ensure optimal performance, reliability, and compatibility for their specific application requirements.

We Help People in Manufacturing and Construction with Precision Machined Parts

Capitol Tool acts as an extension of your workforce providing precision machining and fabrication services. We reduce your risk and boost your confidence by guaranteeing quality.

Welcome To Capitol Tool

No Compromise, No Excuses.
Just Quality Product.

Capitol Tool reduces your risk by delivering uncompromised, excuse-free, quality precision parts from its team of experienced toolmakers and machinists. It is our mission to satisfy our customers by providing quality products, delivered on time and at a fair price, through an honest and two-way relationship. Our associates accomplish this through pride in their work and commitment to continuous skill development and teamwork. 

Our Capabilities:

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Sectors Served

We KICK@$$ in These Sectors

Capitol Tool specializes in high-tolerance precision machined components and assemblies for a variety of industries. Don’t see yours below? No worries, we can still help!

Packaging Automation

The FDA and USDA have strict and precise requirements to ensure healthy food distribution practices. Why not have those same standards for your equipment?

Electronics Manufacturing

We machine accurate and versatile components and parts for assembly machines with a high level of reliability - helping reduce production time.


Precision machining utilizes a wealth of raw materials – including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper and bronze – creating the finely detailed parts the energy sector demands.


Fixturing parts is critical for accuracy and safety. Our machines are capable of machining a wide variety of uniquely sized parts for workholding, such as vises, soft jaws, step clamps, and fixture plates.

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Why Choose Us?

We Recognize the Importance of Quality

Quality Control

We are ISO 9001 Certified. Every day we perform Capitol Tool Continuous Quality, as our customers have come to rely on us for tight tolerances.

Smart Technology

We utilize sophisticated equipment for inspections: CNC RAM visual inspection machine, Mitutoyo CNC CMM, and traditional manual measuring devices.

Our Equipment

We Work For You

20 Highly Skilled Machinists  •  45 Precision Machines  •  65 Years in Business

CNC Vertical & Horizontal Machining Centers

Capitol Tool has extensive experience in CNC Milling with the capabilities for full "B" axis and 3D milling on the horizontals as well as "A" axis and 3D milling on the verticals.

CNC Turning Centers

We have three turning centers that are highly versatile with a capacity to turn parts with diameters of 1/8" to 8" in size; and shafts up to 20" in length, radial, axial, Y axis live tooling milling.

Precision Surface Grinders

Surface grinding is another strong service we offer. Whether it is flat grinding plates as small as .100 square or as large as 16" x 32", our grinders are equipped with Optidress for fast reliable form dressing of the wheel.

EDM Machines

Our EDM Department is equipped to handle many EDM needs. Our three Fanuc Wire EDMs are capable of cutting complex openings and profiles on parts 7" tall, 13" long and 9" wide, as well as tapers up to 30 degrees.

Inspection Equipment

We aim to enhance customer satisfaction through quality products. Our parts undergo intense inspection to ensure ISO's statutory and regulatory requirements.

Our Projects

Photo Gallery

Fishing line cutters

Micro machined parts for the Electronics, Communications and Automation Industries.

Personalized Engraving

Machined items to support the Workholding, Electronics, Communications and Fluid Power Industries

These parts serve the Recreational Industry:

Brake caliper for a Micro Sprint, fuel injection metering linkage for vintage year Chevy Corvettes, custom pulley’s for cars, and dampening device for archery

Various machined plastic parts for the Energy, Packaging, Electronics and Communications Industries.

Small lathe parts to support the Electronics, Communications and other industries.

Wire EDM parts that were mostly done for the Communications and Electronic fields.

Fiber Optic Crimping Heads for Fiber Optic Communications.