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Why Precision Machining for the Workholding Industry?

When machining, the stability of the entire operation is crucial. Strong fixturing reduces damage and irregularities caused by vibrations, and also significantly increases accuracy and precision. Even a slight movement during machining results in asymmetric products. Often times, the part will be enclosed in an industrial machine to protect workers from flying objects, but what about the inside of the machine? Expensive damage may occur when a part escapes its hold. Precision machining allows you to create the exact fixturing component your machine needs in order to achieve accuracy and safety.

Hold On, It's Going to be a Smooth Ride

Capitol Tool machines components that ensure conformity and interchangeability to encourage a smooth manufacturing process. Our machines are capable of machining parts for large steel lathes down to clamps the size of a penny. When you need a quick turnaround for tool production or prototyping needs, we design and machine reusable tools made to your specifications. 

Teaming Up to Make Progress

Capitol Tool is now part of The Conrad Company – an ever-growing collection of specialized brands focused on helping people in manufacturing, and redefining industrial distribution. These brands each have technically capable people focused on solving industry-specific problems. Capitol Tool now benefits from the corporative interaction between: PennAir, Hanover Conveying Systems, GreasePoint, Allied Hydraulic Services Co., and Compressor Maintenance Co. These mutually beneficial relationships enhance each brand by the sharing of resources, tools and expertise.