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Electronics Manufacturing


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Why Precision Machining for the Electronics Industry?

Whether used in small home appliances or massive industrial automated systems, the quality of electronic parts demands ultra-high precision. And, the machines used to make these parts are no different. Following our stringent quality management process, Capitol Tool & Manufacturing designs, engineers and machines hand tools and detailed components for assembly machines.

Speed Up Production with Precision

We aim to dynamically scale your manufacturing capacity and increase your product output. Our customers rely on our production capabilities such as our industrial-grade CNC-machining services, product testing, custom tooling, and custom designs. 

Precision ground and machined parts to guide, feed and cut wire.

Teaming Up to Make Progress

Capitol Tool is now part of The Conrad Company – an ever-growing collection of specialized brands focused on helping people in manufacturing, and redefining industrial distribution. These brands each have technically capable people focused on solving industry-specific problems. Capitol Tool now benefits from the cooperative interaction between: PennAir, Hanover Conveying Systems, GreasePoint, Allied Hydraulic Services Co., and Compressor Maintenance Co. These mutually beneficial relationships enhance each brand by the sharing of resources, tools and expertise.